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Converts trac tickets to github issues.

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trac-hub converts trac tickets into github issues. To this end, it accesses trac's underlying database and copies over milestones, creates tickets, and replays the change history of each ticket.


Copy the example YAML configuration and adapt it as needed:

cp config.yaml.example config.yaml
vim config.yaml

Thereafter just invoke trac-hub:


By default, trac-hub assumes the file config.yaml in the same directory as the script. You can also specify the configuration file on the command line:

./trac-hub -c foo.yaml

Add the -v flag for more verbose output:

./trac-hub -v

To resume the migration at a given trac ticket ID, use -s:

./trac-hub -s 42

One can also avoid migration of tickets whose title exists already in the github issue tracker:

./trac-hub -d

Note: when converting your trac setup to github, it is prudent to first try the migration into a test repository which you can delete afterwards. If this worked out fine and delivered the expected results, one can still aim the script at the real repository.


The YAML configuration file contains four sections. The section trac includes all trac-related configuration options. At this point trac-hub only supports SQLite, but it would be trivial to add PostgreSQL and MySQL support.

The section github includes the repository to migrate as well as a list of github account credentials. The latter enables creating issues/comments under the corresponding github user. If trac-hub cannot map a trac user to a github user, it defaults to the first account entry.

The section labels allows for custom label mappings. Since github's issue tracker does not have a first-class notion of ticket priority, type, and version information, trac-hub supports expressing these in the form of labels.

The section users contains a one-to-one mapping between trac usernames and github usernames. Each github username must be an authorized collaborator with push privileges; trac-hub ignores unauthorized mappings.


trac-hub comes with a BSD-style licence.